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We provide superior design, fabrication & installation of industrial & commercial insulation. Maintaining a complete inventory of insulation materials, we will custom fabricate insulation to complete even the most complex projects cost effectively.

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Things are looking up!
Article By: by Tracy Realty
Posted: 2/13/2014 Views: 1501  Impressions: 11976
Categories: Business

One of the great things about the information age we live in is that we get so much information. Sometimes we tend to get too much as in the case of the Olympics. We now know the results before we even know when the event is being held, which tends to take the excitement out of things for me. The other area where I believe we get too much information is in economic news. I've seen the stock market sputtering and stuttering at times reportedly because of some seemingly unrelated event taking place abroad. But, The Real Estate statistics are exciting.

According to the North Texas Real Estate Information Service, Sales in December were up 22.2% over last December of 2012. Closed sales were up 25% in 2013 over the previous year. Here's another terrific stat....Median Sales Prices are heading higher! Since the fall of 2012 Median Sales Prices are up over 20%. But here's the really exciting part. Price distribution of the homes being sold is shifting to homes priced at or above $140,000. In fact about 18% to 20% of the properties sold were above $200,000 in 2013.

I'm starting to see more interest in some of our commercial listings. Almost a dozen new businesses opened in Downtown Denison last year. My HVAC guy is looking for qualified technicians to hire. I spoke with the owner of Red River Technologies this week and he told me he was busier than ever installing phone systems. Have you been to downtown Durant recently? We ate at KC Steakhouse and it was delicious. We shopped at The Copper Kettle and it's an amazing store. And don't miss the world's largest peanut!

We've had a difficult start to 2014 as far as the winter weather, but yesterday the Sun reappeared, the thermometer started going in the right direction, and people came outside again. 2014 looks like it will shape up to be a terrific year for Real Estate and our Texomaland economic conditions are extremely promising. That's just the way I see it. Livin at The Lake and lovin it!

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