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Sinkholes....the next Black Mold
Article By: by Tracy Realty
Posted: 1/14/2014 Views: 2354  Impressions: 10105
Categories: Home Life

The Discovery Channel is going to air a program on sinkholes. Oh boy, here we go again. According to the Discovery article I read on line, Texas is one of the top 7 states most at risk of sinkholes. Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my!
The entire sinkhole phenomena began, for the media, when a man in Florida was gobbled up while in bed. Since then we have seen stories on sinkholes everywhere. But, as far as I know the Florida man was the only fatality. Excuse me if I don't get too concerned. I'm no odds maker, but I'll bet our friends up the road at the Choctaw Casino would give tremendous odds that none of us will fall victim to a sinkhole in the foreseeable future. What a boom for the homeowner's insurance business. Now they can sell us a sinkhole rider for an extra $5.00 a year!
Back in the 90's this family in San Antonio became ill because of an extreme allergic reaction to a particular mold found in their home. They reported the problem to their insurance provider that refused their claim to remediate the problem. Well, the family closed the house up nice and tight and moved out. Imagine what a terrific Petri dish they created for the black mold. By the time the case was settled the house was one giant chunk of Black Mold, the insurance company was forced to pay millions of dollars, the lawyers went crazy, the Black Mold claims rolled in, and we now have a rider on most homeowner's insurance policies limiting mold claims.
Here's the point my friends. Most every house built contains some form of mold. The space between the brick facade and the inner wall of our homes makes for an excellent mold breeding ground. However, there don't seem to be many cases where the mold is anything other than a natural occurrence and usually harmless.
Now along comes the sinkhole. The article talks about clay soil, limestone, and bedrock. Anyone that has lived in the area very long knows all about the clay in our soil and the foundation issues we face due to soil movement. So, just because you see some cracks in the walls, a door begins to stick, or a window no longer opens properly let's don't go crazy expecting the ground to open up and swallow us whole. Instead go out and buy one of those mega million lottery tickets since the odds of winning are probably about the same as the great sinkhole danger to you.
That's just the way I see it. Livin at the Lake and lovin it!

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